What Coaching Can Do For You!


Coaching is a goal oriented process with focus on the future.

The coach helps clients to greater focus and awareness by asking powerful questions and working as a sounding board.

Coaching helps you define what you want and how you can get there and helps you move forward with intention.

Why look for a certified coach?

Anyone can call themselves a coach. You know what you get by choosing a coach credited by ICF (International Coach Federation). ICF coaches have received professional training in coaching skills aligned with ICF Core competencies and their Code of Ethics. They have demonstrated a proficient understanding of coaching competencies and are accountable to the ethics and standards set by the ICF.
All coaches working with Grand Nord are certified and follow the code of Ethics established by ICF.
For more information about ICF click here

What can you expect?

A good coach will:
* be your partner and your confidant, is there to listen and to be non-judgmental.
* help you to awareness that gives you possibilities to change and grow.
* provide objective feedback with only your interests in mind.
* keep you on track and keep you accountable!
* help you create your vision, lay out the path and prep you for your journey based on your own strength.
* help you celebrate your success!

Our services

What We Can do for You!

Coaching for Individuals

Stuck on the wrong road! How do you want to live the rest of your life? Can’t find balance between life and work? Something has to change but you don’t know what? How should you prepare for retirement? There aren’t enough hours in the day! Is this how it’s going to be? I want to look at your priorities? How can you get your relationships to work? You know you need to change a habit, but it just doens’t happen!

Find out more about life coaching here.

Coaching for Companies

Want to invest in and develop high potential people in your organisation? Are you setting up a new business and need someone to talk to and to keep you accountable? Or do you need to make a team work more efficient together?

We offer both individual coaching and team coaching for companies. Find out more here!

Coaching for Expats

Do you want to create a successful life in your new home country? Feeling lost in the move from carrer path to staying at home? Want to make the best out of the time you got? Integration wasn’t as easy as you expected? Preparing to return home?

We are offering coaching services to Expats, accompanying spouses and corporation. Find out more here.

Something extra just for you!


Coaching with Marianne has given me perspective and inspiration. I have found a new direction in my life with more focus on my development. I now look at myself differently, I take my space and priorities differently every day. Anyone feeling stuck in life would benefit from coaching with Marianne. She is a great coach!

Marie – Expat

I give coaching with Marianne 10 out of 10! Now after working with Marianne for 6 months I see that I have what it takes to change the things I want to change. I now think more positively about myself and have moved away from some negative thinking patterns.

Carl- Actor

Marianne is coaching members of our staff since a couple of months and I see that the investment has already paid off and I will continue engaging Marianne in the future.

Hans CEO

My sessions with Marianne were nice and I always feel energiezed after. I have seen what I need to change and how to look at thing in a different ways. I recommend Marianne as Coach because she is nice and compassionate, a good listener that reads between the lines.

Michelle -customer service expert

I found the coaching with Marianne very valuable. It was such a luxury to have a few hours together where the only focus was my leadership. It was  good to see things from different perspectives and I had to make time to reflect.

I feel I have strengthened in my role as a Leader.

Carin- Finance director

I can warmly recommend Marianne as a Coach. She quickly won my confidence. My sessions with her gave me motivation and strength to make changes I needed to do. I started to apply for a new job and did a big investments in my professional competence.

Mia -HR specialist

Marianne Norrgrann ICF Certified Coach

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