Have you heard about this thing called work-life balance?

Balance or in most cases imbalance is discussed in most professions, all layers of society and in most cultures. In the imbalance lays a feeling of not meeting expectations and that time is running too fast.

Faced with this feeling high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs share:

A feeling that something needs to change

A wish to get in control

A need for a roadmap and clarity

A belief that it must be possible to have a successful and rewarding professional life with a meaningful private life.


At Grand Nord we work with entrepreneurs, companies and individuals on leadership development guided by Nordic values: sustainability and empowerment.

Hi, I'm Marianne Norrgrann

ICF certified coach, entrepreneur and founder of Grand Nord

My job is to empower you to be the kind of leader you want to be in business and in life

Let’s talk about you!

What we do!


Coaching is a goal oriented process with focus on the future. By asking powerful questions, sharing observations and feedback the coach helps clients to greater focus and awareness.

Coaching helps you define:
-What you want
-How you can get there.

This helps you move forward with intention.


We provide custom-made trainings and team events on goal setting, leadership, team work. Contact us here to discuss your training needs.

Grand Nord also run web-based trainings open both to individuals and organisations.


Together with the author, journalist and blogger Peppe Öhman we have created the podcast “Det kommer att bli bra”. In 10 episodes we are discussing work and life with interesting guests. How to live a life where Monday feels as good as Friday. You can find it on itunes here.

International Day of Girl

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För mig var coaching ett sätt att lära känna sig själv bättre, bli mer medveten om vad jag drivs av
och vad jag värderar högt och på så sätt hitta strategier och visioner för hur
man ska bygga upp sitt liv med jobb, relationer och “selflove” för att nå dit
man vill. Jag skulle rekommendera Marianne som coach. Gärna till någon som har ett intresse av personlig utveckling och har höga ambitioner, både i jobb- och privatliv, och som behöver lite guidning för att hitta en bra approach till hur man ska ta sig an detta och våga prioritera både sig själv, sina relationer
och sitt arbete – och få ett holistiskt perspektiv på karriär och livet.


Marianne är en suverän coach som snabbt sätter fingret på exakt just det som är det centrala och ställer de rätta frågorna för att få din hjärna att tänka i nya spår och hitta egna lösningar på problemen. Om du länge har gått i samma mentala hjulspår och tänker att det är dags att verkligen ta tag i saken och skapa förändring är coaching ett stort steg i rätt riktning, men det är skönt att ha Marianne med på vägen – det är delvis nya stigar som skall trampas upp.


Coaching with Marianne has given me perspective and inspiration. I have found a new direction in my life with more focus on my development. I now look at myself differently, I take my space and priorities differently every day. Anyone feeling stuck in life would benefit from coaching with Marianne. She is a great coach!


I give coaching with Marianne 10 out of 10! Now after working with Marianne for 6 months I see that I have what it takes to change the things I want to change. I now think more positively about myself and have moved away from some negative thinking patterns.

Carl- Actor

Marianne is coaching members of our staff since a couple of months and I see that the investment has already paid off and I will continue engaging Marianne in the future.

Hans CEO

My sessions with Marianne were nice and I always feel energiezed after. I have seen what I need to change and how to look at thing in a different ways. I recommend Marianne as Coach because she is nice and compassionate, a good listener that reads between the lines.

Michelle -Customer service expert

I found the coaching with Marianne very valuable. It was such a luxury to have a few hours together where the only focus was my leadership. It was  good to see things from different perspectives and I had to make time to reflect.

I feel I have strengthened in my role as a Leader.

Carin- Finance director

I can warmly recommend Marianne as a Coach. She quickly won my confidence. My sessions with her gave me motivation and strength to make changes I needed to do. I started to apply for a new job and did a big investments in my professional competence.

Mia -HR specialist