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Friday Lab


Marianne partnered up with Peppe Öhman and together they founded Friday Lab Reformation- a Community, online courses and events. 

“A useful and worthwhile course full of tools and exercises that help you find the right direction and balance in life”

Course participant

Friday Lab

Invest in yourself

What is Friday Lab?

The main idea is that every day should feel a little bit more like Friday. You know that feeling when you leave the week behind you and enter into the weekend!

How do you find the balance between career, family and yourself? How do you prioritise time for planning, reflecting and an opportunity to work focused, while you want to develop and move forward?

What started as a podcast ended up as a full concept and a popular online course and community. 

Online course

A 90 days programme for everyone who wants to develop, dream, prioritise and start doing.


A place where you get to develop, learn, meet new people, be inspired and take control over your life. 


An extension of the course where we meet at an inspiring and calm location for a weekend.


Everything will be alright – a podcast in Swedish about creating a life where everyday feels like Friday!​