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Marianne Norrgrann

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At Grand Nord we are dedicated to help you develop your leadership skills at work, as an entrepreneur or as an individual. Are you interested in private coaching sessions, a lecture for a bigger team or extended trainings? We are here to give you a customised solution according to your wishes and needs!

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Grand Nord and our values derive from the Nordics and together with years of experience from other places in Europe we help you, your employees and the business as a whole to see opportunities and find new solutions. You’ll learn how to use your existing strengths, get closer to your goals and become better leaders!

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Marianne Norrgrann

Marianne grew up in a small village outside of Uppsala, has lived abroad for many years, has a masters in economics and has since 2017 been coaching and training individuals, businesses, organisations and managers. She wants to help you become a better leader – of yourself, in your life and at work.

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